Recycling Business

Recycling disused articles, including information and telecommunication devices,
in order to respond to the demands of the time

The root of the recycling business today is the tatterers in Edo period who collected rubbish across the city of Edo and recycled it without throwing anything away, by using their ingenuity. Even in the world with a diversity of unused articles, we always keep this root in mind and pursue ways to convert waste into new resources.
By recent legislation of laws, many used products are required to be recycled and there are strong demands for waste generators to be responsible for waste disposal. We have been and will continue to implement secure recycling to provide customers a worry-free option for waste disposal, by closely working together with SINCERE Shinagawa RC Center and other recycling bases across Japan.

SINCERE’s recycling system and Wide Area Certification System

Maximum recycling

We collect aluminum and copper, etc. by disassembling, sorting and crushing waste materials in order to reuse them as materials as much as possible. Through careful disassembly and professional analysis, many materials are reborn as new products.

Total integrated management system

With regard to collected disused articles and waste materials, we manage all necessary operations from disassembly, functional destruction and processing to disposal in an integrated system. In circumstances where waste generators are held strictly accountable for disposal, we take all responsibilities for managing disposal and report the situations of waste, including its whereabouts and how to recycle or dispose of waste to its generators.

Management and proper disposal of storage media

Functional components of storage media included in personal computers and communication devices are completely destroyed in order to ensure to maintain confidentiality.
Upon request from waste generators, we take a photograph to prove that functional components are destroyed and submit it to the generators.

Operations nationwide and Wide Area Certification System

We have recycling bases across Japan and promote our recycling operations. With regard to used data communication-related devices in particular, we implement operations of collection, recycling and proper disposal in accordance with the Wide Area Certification System*1 in partnership with NEC Corporation.

*1 NEC Corporation is certified as a wide area certified industrial waste disposer based on theWide Area Certification System (under Article 15, paragraph 4, item 3 of the Law Concerning Waste Disposal and Scavenging). SINCERE implements operations of collection, recycling and proper disposal of used information and telecommunication devices (industrial waste materials designated under this system) based on the system in cooperation with NEC Corporation and other affiliates.


Flow of disposal process at the SINCERE Shinagawa Recycle Center

Our staff members respond to customer needs with thorough knowledge of not only clean-up and maintenance of buildings but also recycling, management, treatment and disposal of waste materials. We offer comprehensive guidance about waste disposal suitable for ecologically-minded companies.

flow of disposal process parts

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