SINCERE Corporation Environmental Improvement / Building Maintenance Operation

Environmental Improvement / Building Maintenance Operation

We play a role in improving the environmentfrom clean-up and maintenance of buildings to waste disposal support

In our environmental improvement/building maintenance operation, we respond to and provide support for all corporate environmental issues from recycling of disused articles to sorting, management and disposal of waste by working together with our RC and recycling businesses in addition to existing clean-up and maintenance of buildings.
By utilizing our years of experiences and knowledge, we satisfy each and every need in the field of clean-up and maintenance of buildings with careful attention, in order to maintain comfortable work environments. In addition to routine clean-up and maintenance of buildings, we are also specialized in management of plants, end-of-year deep cleaning, etc., and sanitation of clean rooms, which requires experience and expertise.
With regard to treatment, disposal and recycling of waste, our experts provide appropriate guidance and support for recycling and proper disposal.

We have obtained Information Security Management System ISO 27001 certification

As we provide our services at customers’ workplaces, we consider information security as one of the most important issues. To this end, we have obtained the International Standard of Information Security Management System, ISO 27001 certification, after establishing our policies for information security and systematically practicing them while conducting risk assessment. Our operations have been implemented based on standards of ISO 27001 as initiated by responsible staff and management. With this system, we reduce the risk of information leakage and provide customers with trusted services. For more information about the scope of our activities, please visit our website.

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Security Management System

Improving the environment in all aspects from a single contact
point realized by SINCERE

One of our distinctive services is to provide total services from clean-up and maintenance of buildings to waste disposal.

Comprehensive guidance and support

Our staff members respond to customer needs with thorough knowledge of not only clean-up and maintenance of buildings but also recycling, management, treatment and disposal of waste materials. We offer comprehensive guidance about waste disposal suitable for ecologically-minded companies.

One-stop smooth and speedy customer service

We have established a single contact point to receive customer requests. With just one phone call, we will make arrangements to meet all customer needs from clean-up and maintenance of buildings to recycling and disposal of waste materials. A diverse range of other environmental operations are also available at the customer’s request.

Services available across Japan

We have established district centers nation wide as our service base. By operating out of the trusted network developed at each district, we continue to provide a wide variety of services.

To learn more about our environmental improvement/building maintenance operation,please contact us at: