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RC (resource cycle) operation Recycle business Environmental improvement/building maintenance operation Reutilization/Reusing We satisfactorily respond to the needs of our environment-conscious customers by our three operations.

Our corporate philosophy is Symbiosis with nature

In 1969, man landed on the moon for the first time. In this era, when many people believed that soaring economic growth would last forever, SINCERE was founded.
At that time, the world believed that large-scale production and consumption was a sign of prosperity for humankind and went straight ahead toward it. However, after we obtained a convenient life filled with lots of stuff, we came to confront new issues. Is this kind lifestyle sustainable? How do we preserve limited resources? Will we be able to live alongside nature, which is being lost?
These concerns may be completely selfishness. Because environmental issues arose far back in the Stone Age when human began to use tools and energy, and the situation has only become more critical in the pursuit of "happiness." Every one of us notices the contradiction between convenient and comfortable lives and conservation of the natural environment.
Even so, we cannot give up our modern lifestyle. If so, we have to find realistic solutions and seek ways to coexist with nature.
At SINCERE, we believe that our mission is to propose these realistic solutions and actually put them into practice. In order to continue our present life and pass on to future generations a sustainable society where we can coexist with nature, we have been working toward this goal while utilizing the latest science along with our collective knowledge.

Yuzo Nakanishi
Yukihiro Matsuzaka
Chairman  Yuzo Nakanishi
President  Yukihiro Matsuzaka

Our company name incorporates the attitude of sincerity, the concept we most value, that we put toward our work as individuals and as a company.
Our company's blue and green logo symbolizes our corporate philosophy: "Symbiosis with nature."
A bright blue sky and land lush with green…an image of harmony on our beautiful earth.