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RC (resource cycle) operation

Disposing of various waste materials in a proper and safe manner while reducing environmental burden

The RC in our RC operation stands for "resource cycle." This is because we aim not only to treat waste materials but also to recycle materials as much as possible, including generation of electricity by utilizing waste heat, in our business.
Our bases are SINCERE Shinagawa RC Center located in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, and one of largest incineration facilities in the metropolitan area, SINCERE Yokohama RC Center, located in Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City.
In order to handle various characteristics of waste materials, kiln-stoker incinerators have been selected and installed in both facilities.
Furthermore, we have deployed anti-pollution equipment to comply with strict environmental criteria. Our skilled operators are responsible for operation management by utilizing the characteristics of these facilities.

Thermal recycling and electric power selling by generating electricity from waste

At SINCERE, we generate electricity from waste materials by utilizing heat energy produced during waste incineration (thermal recycling), and sell the electricity.
SINCERE Shinagawa RC Center generates 990kW per hour of electricity from waste materials, which covers approximately 90% of electricity necessary for its operations. Similarly, SINCERE Yokohama RC Center generates 6,000kW per hour of electricity. It covers all the electricity necessary for its operations and the center sells surplus to electric power companies as well.
The amount of electricity generated from this system per month is 4,320,000kWh, which is equivalent to the electricity consumed by about 15,000 general households.

Specialist for medical waste disposal

Since its foundation, SINCERE Shinagawa RC Center, as one of the largest incineration/melting facilities in Tokyo, has contracted with a great number of medical institutions for disposal of medical waste.
From these experiences, SINCERE Yokohama RC Center has also improved the system to accept such waste. Both centers are highly trusted by medical institutions, especially located in the metropolitan area.

*We appropriately dispose of medical waste in accordance with the Infectious Wastes Management Manual published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Waste sealed in a container is stored in a temperature-controlled special storage and thrown into incinerators by using an exclusive route different from those for other waste.

Facilities Outline:SINCERE Yokohama RC Center

SINCERE Yokohama RC Center

Waste materials handled
Industrial wasteSpecial control industrialwaste
Type of incinerator
Kiln-stoker incinerator
Incineration capacity
372t/24h (186t/24h x 2 incinerators)
Type of electricitygenerator
Steam turbine generator
Generation capacity
6,000kW x 1 generator
Crushing facility
Commencement of consruction
June 2007
Completion of construction
July 2009
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & ChemicalEngineering Co., Ltd.
Facilities Outline:SINCERE Shinagawa RC Center

SINCERE Shinagawa RC Center

Waste materials handled
Industrial waste Specially-contorled industrial waste
Type of incinerator
Kiln-stoker incinerator
Incineration capacity
130t/24h (65t/24h x 2 incinerators)
Type of melting furnace
Rotary surface melting furnace
Melting capacity
50t/24h (25t/24h x 2 furnaces)
Type of electricity generator
Steam turbine generator
Generation capacity
990kW x 1 generator
Commencement of construction
March 1996
Completion of construction
March 1998
KUBOTA Corporation

To learn more about our waste disposal (RC operation), please contact us at:

Dedicated e-mail Dedicated TEL +81-3-3799-5471